January 03, 2017
Hillary LongHillary Long

Google Penguin 4.0: Allowing SEO Value to Shine with the Smartest Update Yet

Unlike some updates in the past, Google Penguin 4.0 has been eagerly anticipated. This update has been commended for its focus on turning the other cheek, and restoring relationships between business owners and Google. Here at 3Seed, we are excited about how Penguin 4.0 will reward those who have done SEO right since the start.

Why we are obsessed:

  • Say "Goodbye" to Spammy Sites And "Hello" to Quality: We pride ourselves on setting forth a strong and legitimate Search strategy and this update will allow that hard work to go further.
  • Google Is Taking a Page from Our Book: Penguin 4.0 really falls in line with our philosophy of keeping user’s best interest at the heart of what we do. It's not just about rank- it’s about connecting people who need a product or service with the best possible solution. 
  • Not just Traffic, but the Right Traffic: Again, the most exciting thing about this update is how it will weed out illegitimate means of increasing traffic and shine on those using real marketing strategy to direct traffic to the right place.
  • Finally, In Real Time: Previously, Google did not crawl sites and their updates in real time. This means, if you had a negative strike against you, it would take an undetermined amount of time to turn the situation around. Now, your successes will be rewarded immediately!

Bottom line: Our hard work will go even further with this latest update. It also means this is a good time to make SEO a part of your Marketing Strategy, if it is not already. To discuss what SEO could mean for your company, contact 3Seed today.

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