January 12, 2017
Hillary LongHillary Long

The Top 3 Questions Clients Have About SEO Strategy

It is good to ask questions when starting a Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, engagement. It is how you find out what your Search team’s guiding philosophy is, and how they measure success. It also helps you weed out a weak company, and keeps you vigilant of any potential red flags.

Here are the three most common questions we are asked by clients when defining their search strategy:

  1. How will I know it works? There is a systematic approach to optimizing a client’s site. The first step is to get a clear picture of the current landscape: Who is ranking, and what are they ranking for. To develop a successful and realistic strategy moving forward, we must understand four things: What is your standing compared to competitors? What is currently working? What do you want to be ranking for? What obstacles are you encountering in your current strategy/in your industry? If you expect SEO to be a quick fix, think again. It is not overnight, and it is not quick. You are at the mercy of search engines and their users.
  2. Can you guarantee I will be #1? If anyone ever guarantees you will be immediately ranked number one, run away. There are no guarantees in SEO. Google’s algorithms are ever-changing, and people are quickly changing what they are searching for and how they are searching for it. Instead of focusing on being number one, you will find greater success aiming to be as relevant and helpful to the people searching.
  3. How long do I need to do it for? SEO is like maintaining a building. You need to be constantly renovating to keep things safe and reliable. It is dangerous to think, “I am okay because I optimized my site two years ago.” Technology is changing at such a rapid pace. Strategies have to be updated in tandem with how users search and Google‘s new algorithm updates. That being said, a solid, long-term strategy should be one that has constant conversions. You reap what you sow, in gardening and SEO.

What it really comes down to is finding a moral online search team. People who have clear results, long-standing client relationships, and are willing to share reference with you. It is okay to ask your potential search team for examples of their work and work philosophy. Our guiding search philosophy is centered around getting the job done, and done right, so that clients do not have to worry about the process and can just focus on the clear results. We want to free up our client’s time so they can focus on achievable business goals.

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