June 09, 2015
John MulderJohn Mulder

A Brand-First Approach to Everything

The first question when you do anything involving your business should be, "Is it on brand?" The answer MUST be a resounding “yes.” The best companies all do it. And you should be among them.
If you're not sure what your brand is, then you need to start there. Start by identifying what you do differently and make it your rally cry. And then develop your image from there. I can’t tell you enough how important this is.
A strong brand will help you make every decision about your company. Not just your marketing and advertising decisions. EVERYTHING. What color paint should the walls be? Who should we hire? What vehicles should we buy? Every decision has to be driven by your brand. 
Why? Because remember, your brand is your reputation. It’s what people take away from the experience of interacting with your company – It’s not just your logo.

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